We buy old comics! As a general rule of thumb, if your comics are from the mid-eighties and back, or have a cover price that's under $1, we're interested. That's by no means a hard fast rule, though. We unfortunately can't make guarantees about purchasing your comics without having a look at what's on hand, in person. Give us a call or shoot us an email and we can figure things out.
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We offer subscription services for those who wish to keep up with monthly issues while also curating a wide selection of graphic novels.


A deep appreciation of comics motivated us to open shop. We're anxious to share the art form with other eager readers. Whether it's the heroes that inspired us when we first discovered the medium or alternative publications that challenge the status quo, we carry a variety of periodicals and trade paperbacks that reach across both sides of the comic industry. We're here to serve those who want to read fictional tales of vigilante justice, biographical coming of age stories, or anything in between and off to the fringe.

Wess has been looking at comics since before he could read. He worked under Stan Daniel and Jason Bean for a half decade at Kingdom Comics where he was taught how to assess the value of comics based on their age, condition, canonical relevance, and historical importance. Reach Wess concerning any subscription / order services or appraisals - sanctumtattoosandcomics@gmail.com

Photo by Dana Fox

Photo by Dana Fox